Industrial Kitchen

Industrial kitchen is the industrial sector that provides the preparation of kitchen needs suitable for every use, from kitchen project to final use, by being made of stainless steel. Industrial kitchen equipment companies that can serve every sector manufacture and sell quality stainless products and kitchen utensils that can meet the needs of kitchens and are suitable for long-term use.

The iron and steel industry, with a total size of approximately 2.5 trillion dollars, constitutes approximately 3.8% of the world economy and directly creates employment for more than 6 million people. China, USA, Japan, India and Russia stand out as the main producers in world iron and steel production. According to the World Steel Association (WSA) data in 2019, 1.870 million tons of iron and steel were produced in the world. According to WSA data, after four consecutive years of growth and a record high production of 1.870 million tons in 2019, the first nine months of 2020 decreased by 3.1% to 1.349 million tons.

Our company is in constant consultation with its stakeholders with its solutions for the production of specific casting parts needed by the industrial kitchen industry, which continues to break development records every day. Our customers, of which we are solution partners, in the industrial kitchen sector, where being a manufacturer and competing with international companies is very difficult, continue to take the biggest share in the cake.


Proving itself in the world markets with its production capacity, product variety, quality understanding and international competitive power of the Turkish industrial kitchen sector, it has carried Turkey to the top 3 places in the world in this sector.


It is an inevitable fact that our country will be a leader in its field with the understanding of R&D and innovation that has developed in recent years. Our company, which offers numerous opportunities to its partners in the field of Industrial Machinery, aspires to bring equipment that makes life easier from the east to the west of the world, from the kitchens of hotel restaurants and cafes, as well as to every house that has a steaming stove in the most remote corners.

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