Food, Agriculture and Livestock

Agriculture, which can be regarded as the greatest blessing that nature has offered to human beings, continues to offer all the necessities of life for humanity since the beginning of history. Agricultural policies, which form the basis of all today’s economic and social development principles, are based on the principles of ensuring future generations live in a healthy environment, ensuring equality between generations, and sustainability.

In parallel with the rapid increase in the world population, meeting the food needs becomes the most important problem, which makes the agriculture sector the most strategic sector of the century we live in. The high added value in the agricultural sector, employment, consumption expenditures, raw material supply to other sectors, its share in national income and exports further increase the socio-economic importance of the agricultural sector.

Home to the Dicle and Firat rivers, Turkey’s agricultural sector today reflects the richness of ancient Mesopotamia. Turkey is recognized as one of the leading countries in the field of agriculture and food, with its favorable geographical conditions and climate, large agricultural lands and abundance of water resources.

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