Construction and Construction Materials

The construction and building materials sector is in a position to create demand for the goods and services produced by more than 200 sub-sectors, and this widespread effect is the most basic indicator of the sector’s quality of being “the locomotive of the economy”. According to the results of a study conducted in England, there are 23,000 items in an average new home that concern 150 different professions.

The construction sector has a structure that outperforms the economic growth in periods of high economic growth, and that shrinks at a faster pace compared to other sectors in periods of economic slowdown. While the global growth was 3.1% in 2017, the growth in the construction sector was 3.8%, while the global growth was 3% in 2018, the growth in the construction sector was above the global growth with 3.2%. The share of the construction industry in the global economy in 2018 was 15%. By 2025, it is estimated that the share of the sector in the economy will be 17% in developing countries and 10% in developed countries.

  • World
  • Share of 2018 Global Economy (15%)

The construction sector in Turkey is one of the most important sectors that support economic growth. The construction sector contributes to the development of many sub-sectors that provide input to it and significantly affects the employment creation capacity of the country. It is seen that government policies, economic and political decisions and developments in foreign markets directly affect the sector.


The Construction Materials Sector has been prepared in order to closely follow the developments in the construction materials sector and to form a basis for the development of plans, programs and strategies, and focuses on the construction materials industry in Turkey and the world.


As in many developed and developing countries, both the construction sector and the building materials sector have been and will continue to be one of the locomotive sectors of the Turkish economy in terms of added value and employment. The importance of the construction industry and building materials industry will increase even more for the Turkish economy, which aims for a high rate and stable growth in order to reduce its current risks.

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